Joe Erickson is a beach volleyball aficionado, supporter, fan and player. He is also continuously battling with two Desmoid Tumors in his right forearm. While in the middle of his college career at the University of Arizona, Joe was diagnosed with an aggressive Desmoid Fibrzomatosis. Since then, he has undergone chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, radiation and a full reconstruction of his ulna bone. Currently, Joe is using his love of beach volleyball to help fund research against the very disease that plagues him. He is currently organizing a charity volleyball tournament to benefit the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (DTRF); whose fundraising and grant money allows researchers to try innovative therapy options in the treatment of desmoids. To learn more about the event and Joe’s personal battle, please visit his fundraising page. To learn more about the rare Demoids Tumors, please visit the DTRF’s website.
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